The History of the Monkoxi Nation in Lomerio, Bolivia - book now available in English

August, 2020

INDIS researchers Iokiñe Rodriguez and Mirna Inturias have, through funding from the Full Circle Foundation, supported Bolivian partners CICOL to produce an English version of this book detailing the History of the Monkoxi. Click to download On the Road to Freedom

INDIS researchers Iokiñe Rodriguez and Mirna Inturias report the contribution of indigenous people to fighting climate change is hanging by a thread

February, 2020

New book: Indigenous autonomy and Justice in Bolivia

December, 2019

Check out this book from INDIS researchers Mirna Inturias, Iokiñe Rodríguez and others. It provides insights from a dialogue between different indigenous nations, support organization and government agencies

Bonn meeting of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies

June, 2019

Tracey participated in the Indigenous Peoples Platform. Heike met up with Indigenous Peoples representatives.

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, USA

April, 2019

Teams from Uganda, Bolivia, PNG & Arizona attended UNPFII to network with other Indigenous Peoples and indigenous rights activists. Also held INDIS project meeting to coordinate methodological approaches, build networks and strategise for impact activities to come!

Co-designing INDIS' methodology in Uganda

April, 2019

Meetings between partners and local communities in Moroto, Karamoja – led by the KDF team, Patrick Byakagaba and Emmanuel Kaduku (Makerere University) and Neil Dawson (UEA). Community researchers will soon begin collecting stories and perspectives within 3 Tepeth communities living on and around Mount Moroto.

Co-designing methodology in Bolivia

February, 2019

Demonstrating digital story-telling and participatory video methods in Lomerio, with Iokine Rodriguez (UEA),  Mirna Inturias (NUR), Heike Schroeder (UEA) and Tracey Osborne (Arizona)

UNFCCC COP24 in Katowice, Poland

December, 2018

Tracey Osborne (Arizona) follows how Indigenous Peoples and their knowledge are represented and influence climate policy

Bolivia project start-up

November, 2018

Initial project meetings with research team from CICOL and NUR to agree on methodology for the Lomerio Guidelines document and agree planned activities for the project up to Feb 2021 - with Iokine Rodriguez (UEA) & Mirna Inturias (NUR)

Papua New Guinea

November, 2018

The first INDIS trip to PNG involved planning meetings, discussions with local leaders and field visits to villages around Tabubil and the Ok Tedi mine. Emma Gilberthorpe (UEA), who coordinates the INDIS work in PNG was reunited with many old friends and colleagues along the way. The team also comprised project lead Heike Schroeder (UEA), David Glama (DWU), Bronya Kane (local researcher) and Neil Dawson (UEA).

Uganda planning activities

October, 2018

Neil Dawson (UEA) and Patrick Byakagaba (Makerere) held an inception meeting with all project partners in the capital, Kampala. Led by local partners, the Karamoja Development Forum, and their Director Simon Longoli, the INDIS Uganda team then took time to discuss ideas with local leaders around Moroto District, Karamoja and visited some of its people and places, from villages to mining areas and important water sources. The team also attended the local World Food Day Exhibition involving development agencies from local youth farmers to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

INDIS Project begins!

September, 2018

Inception meeting 4-5 September at University of East Anglia